Our Story

SunBay makes the most difficult 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math concepts accessible to all students

National Science Foundation

Built from the work of Jim Kaput, the web-based SunBay Math materials were developed by researchers at SRI International in Menlo Park, California to further his vision of democratizing access to higher mathematics.

In SunBay math, students work in teams to solve problems using simulations, mathematical equations, interactive graphs, and other digital tools. The digital tools are dynamic and linked: for example, if a student adjusts a graph, equations will change and so will the motion of animated characters controlled by the graph.

SunBay Math is more than technology: it integrates curriculum modules that guide students’ experiences, as well as teacher professional development activities. This allows teachers to support students as they engage in the types of mathematics activities and practices that lead to deep understanding of key mathematics topics.

National Science Foundation

With support from the National Science Foundation, we developed a series of units and demonstrated their effectiveness in classrooms across Texas. Then with more support from private foundations, we extended SunBay’s reach to Florida and England with similar great results. Even knowing the careful work that went into developing SunBay Math, the results of these field trials surprised and delighted us.

US Department of Education

Now, with a twelve-million dollar grant from the US Department of Education, we’ve begun to see our work take root in hundreds more classrooms across Florida. We’re experiencing success with our partner districts in Florida, who are beginning to implement SunBay district-wide.

Our dream of bringing a deep understanding of mathematics to all American students is beginning to become a reality.