SunBay makes the most difficult 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math concepts accessible to all students

SunBay Math is a deeply-researched, consistently effective supplementary curriculum program. SunBay makes the most difficult 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math concepts accessible to all students. We synthesized the very best thinking in learning sciences and math education and created a results-focused, teacher-tested program. Where many materials are failing, SunBay offers students more than a chance to get by — it offers a chance to thrive.

Why SunBay Math?
Research, Not Guesswork

Students have higher learning gains using SunBay Math materials than students using typical math lessons.

Teacher working with students in SunBay classroom Teacher working with students in SunBay classroom Student working with SunBay

Deeper Learning

When it comes to teaching and learning the big ideas in math, traditional instructional approaches tend to fall short. Foundational topics like rate and proportionality require students do more than learn how to manipulate symbols — they require students deeply grasp the underlying concepts. Students need to know: “Why am I learning this?” “How does this fit in with what I know about the world?” SunBay begins each unit with these questions, giving students the context that connects the abstract to the real world.

A Collaborative Classroom

We break students out of the isolated world of skills instruction and get them to interact meaningfully in every lesson. Our research shows that effective math instruction, the kind that makes students truly college and career ready, requires students to explain their reasoning. Our inquiry-based approach emphasizes 21st century skills like collaboration and conversation, giving students the confidence and depth of understanding that only comes from talking through ideas out loud.

Tried & Proven

SunBay Math is rooted in 25 years of research into how young minds learn and practice math. Not only was our program informed by best practices, but it’s been shown to perform remarkably well in real classrooms led by teachers with a wide range of experience. SunBay elicits meaningful gains from students of all backgrounds and skill levels regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, or past success in math.